Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 25Th Anniversary ” Semi, Super Black Eagle Ii 25Th Anniversary Semi

The legendary Benelli Super Black Eagle shotgun has dominated wildfowl hunting for a quarter of a century. The richly traditional Benelli brand is now offering a special model of the semiautomatic shotgun to mark its 25-year anniversary. This article gives you the low down on the real merits of the trusty Super Black Eagle II in its limited anniversary edition.

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benelli31.07.2021Benelli Mygra, Colombo and Beccaccia Supreme: two days of testing with the specialized semi-automatic shotguns during the Benelli Hunting Test Adventure
We spent two intense days with Benelli semi-automatic shotguns to live and therefore to share a direct experience with the technologies of Benelli”s guns both in nature and on clay pigeons. A complete and engaging test that we tell you about in our video – the Benelli Hunting Test Adventure.

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benelli02.06.2021Benelli Lupo awarded with the Golden Bullseye Award for 2021 Rifle of the Year

The National Rifle Association (NRA) American Rifleman magazine has awarded the Benelli Lupo with the Golden Bullseye Award for 2021 Rifle of the Year. The award is given to products that stand out for innovation and quality.

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benelli16.05.2021Benelli Lupo, Benelli”s first bolt-action rifle 

At the SHOT Show 2020, the Italian manufacturer Benelli – world- known for its shotguns – presented a big surprise. Because with the Lupo Benelli ventured a step into the world of bolt-action rifles. And the Lupo is an innovative firearm in which as many as seven Benelli patents add up to make it a concentrate of technology and precision. Learn more here on about the EU-model.

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benelli04.05.2021From Benelli two new shotguns for Dynamic Shooting: Nova Speed and M2 Speed

In the name of accuracy, power and speed, Benelli has designed two versions specifically optimized for IPSC shooters in the shotgun division. With the M2 Speed and Nova Speed models, the Italian manufacturer can meet the needs of athletes looking for a pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun.

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benelli22.04.2019Benelli Beccaccia Supreme in 20 ga: for the “contemplative” hunter

The Beccaccia Supreme in 20 magnum gauge is the latest semi-automatic shotgun dedicated by Benelli to those who love hunting with pointing dogs. This light and well-balanced shotgun – based on Benelli”s inertia-driven geometric locking system, fast in cycling and practical in maintenance – can also be used for hunting other game animals.

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benelli18.02.2019Benelli Beccaccia Supreme, semiautomatic in 20 ga magnum

HIT Show 2019 / New from Benelli: Benelli Beccaccia Supreme. For hunters who love hunting with pointing dogs, and more specifically woodcock hunting in the woods, now comes the latest Benelli Beccaccia Supreme semi-automatic in 20 gauge magnum. A handy yet stable shotgun, its action is based on the typical Benelli”s Inertia (recoil) driven operating system.

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The Argo E Fluted is the latest innovation introduced by Benelli. A gun that expands the range of semi-automatic rifles that are making history in driven hunting. Chambered in .308W and .30-06, it also features the ComforTech system and a fluted Crio barrel. The gas recovery system has been redesigned in geometry, materials and movements in order to work without jamming. We tested it in the field: …

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benelli22.12.2018Benelli Duca di Montefeltro Prestige

We are showing you a semi-automatic shotgun that is among the most sought after in the Benelli’s Duca di Montefeltro series: the Prestige model, which is available in limited series in 12 and 20 gauge. Our impression? As you can see in our video, the affinity with the Benelli Prestige is immediate!

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