Sony re-releases app-controlled ‘wearable’ AC

A year after the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony released an incredible app-controlled ‘wearable air conditioner’, it announced a follow-up product to the original device in order to make it more powerful and suitable to be used while doing physical activities, precisely while working out. According to The Verge, the company introduced the Reon Pocket, the app-controlled ‘wearable air conditioner’ last year after crowdfunding it on the company’s own platform. The revised version ‘Reon Pocket 2’ which looks more or less the same as the original model, is claimed to achieve up to twice the level of heat absorption, resulting in a more powerful cooling performance.

Sony also told that it has improved the sweat-proofing feature in the ‘Reon Pocket 2’, making it more suitable for light exercise situations. The Verge reported that the prior model was mostly marketed as something to wear with a special undershirt to make summer commuting more bearable, but with the new version of their product, Sony has emphasized making it more versatile.

The company has also partnered with sportswear brands including Le Coq Sportif, Munsingwear, and Descente to produce a range of golf clothing that features pockets for the device to slot into. Sony has also designed a neckstrap accessory so that the ‘Reon Pocket’ can be used with regular clothes. This comes as a relief to users who would have to buy a bunch of pocketed undershirts from Sony in order to use the device.

The ‘Reon Pocket 2’ has been rolled out in Japan for about USD 138. However, the release date for other countries is still under wraps. (ANI)

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