Sega Has Revealed Sonic 25Th Anniversary Logo, Sonic The Hedgehog 25Th Anniversary Logo

25 years after the release of the original Sonic game, a new logo is released for the blue hedgehog, along with rumors of a 2016 anniversary game.

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New Sonic Game Coming in 2017 - Sonic 25th anniversary logo

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25 years after the release of the original Sonic game, a new logo is released for the blue hedgehog, along with rumors of a 2016 anniversary game.

In 2016, Sonic the Hedgehog will celebrate his 25th birthday after his first game released on the Sega Genesis in 1991. As part of this significant anniversary, a Sonic Twitter account has released a picture of a new logo for the blue blur.

As shown above, the logo maintains the old retro style of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games but this may be more than just a nice design. According to Den of Geek, the lead singer of Crush 40 (Johnny Gioeli), made a Facebook post that announced the existance of a new Sonic game being made for a 2016 release to celebrate the anniversary.

Although the status has since been pulled down, according to Den of Geek, this is what it said:

“We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We might participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game… stay tuned…”

Crush 40 have composed songs for previous installments in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and recently also made a remix of the CD song, “Sonic Boom“. Whilst it seems likely that the group would be involved in the creation of new music for a theoretical anniversary game, the Japanese-American rock band is denying all rumours on Twitter.

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There is already a Sonic game set for a 2016 release date, although it seems unlikely to be the rumoured anniversary special. Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, a sequel to Sega”s disappointing attempt at a different approach to the classic fast-paced games, will release for the 3DS this year. Though the initial game suffered from under-development and constant glitches, Sega are still trying to push the franchise with the new TV show that launched beside the original Sonic Boom.

As a company, Sega used to be the second most prominent games developer beside Nintendo. Unfortunately, since the Sega Genesis, the company has been in a downwards spiral and the quality of their games has seen a significant decline. Whilst the original Sonic the Hedgehog sold an impressive 15 million copies, Sega have never replicated the success of the first game. As Sonic Boom sold only 490,000 units, Sega Boss Haruki Satomi admitted that the company felt like it had betrayed its fans.

Would you like to see another new Sonic the Hedgehog game this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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