New Prostate Cradle Website Helps Men Learn How to Re-wire Their Body for Improved Sexual Health

New Enviromax website features product history along with informational video and customer reviews.

Fairbanks, AK (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Enviromax is proud to announce their new website to help Prostate Cradle customers improve sexual health.

“Minds and bodies can be “re-wired” to experience long lasting moments of liberation using simple exercises, like deep breathing, yoga, and prostate massagers like the Prostate Cradle,” said inventor Adam McVay.

Challenged with prostate health issues, McVay, a Certified Massage Therapist, had a personal interest when he invented the Prostate Cradle. His doctor recommended prostate massage therapy. However, at the time the only prostate massagers available were internal, involving rectum insertion. He knew there had to be an easier way. After inventing the Prostate Cradle to improve his physical health, he discovered it also helped to expand his sexual health.

In addition to information on the Prostate Cradle, the new website has information for people interested in rediscovering the ancient Tantra practice of Kundalini exercises. They can be non-sexual with no arousal, and they can also be very sexual. The basic idea is to awaken good feelings in the prostate area, or root chakras, then instead of wasting the good feeling in the lower body, move the energy up the spine using simple techniques that everyone can do.

“A wave of global Kundalini is rising right now,” McVay said. “The new Enviromax website gives you the learning tools necessary to catch the wave, and ride the Prostate Cradle to infinitely higher levels of bliss!”


Adam McVay, Owner, Inventor, Certified Massage Therapist


Box 84845

Fairbanks, Alaska 99708




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