Masturbation Spikes in the Bad Economy According to the Lawrence Research Group

Survey finds that tough financial times lead to an increase in self-pleasuring.

LAS VEGAS, NV (PRWEB) August 14, 2011

An economic downturn can bring a number of things: higher unemployment, less consumer spending, a domino effect worldwide… and, according to the results of a recent online poll by Lawrence Research Group (LRG), more masturbation.

LRG, owners of The Xandria Collection®, asked visitors to its Sexology by Xandria website, “On average, how many times per week do you masturbate?” The company compared the results of the poll to the same one conducted in 2005, and found that the percentage of persons engaging in masturbation over ten times per week more than doubled.

Based on the same data, LRG found that the number of people who do not masturbate regularly dropped by 7%. In addition, there was a 22% increase in those masturbating more than three times per week.

Are people simply choosing not to spend money going out and, instead, staying home to take things into their own hands? Tony Giovanni, a representative of The Xandria Collection, thinks so.

“Many people are dealing with some of the hardest struggles they’ve ever faced,” Tony Giovanni explains. “Masturbation provides a way to escape for a while and feel good.”

Studies have revealed numerous benefits associated with self-stimulation, including enhanced sleep, menstrual cramp relief, increased self-esteem, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Through pop culture and the support of medical experts, masturbation has become a less taboo topic—great news for adult retailers like The Xandria Collection.

“Since the beginning of the recession, we’ve seen a substantial sales increase of vibrators, dildos and other self-stimulators,” says Tony Giovanni. “I think this is only going to increase as more and more people engage in self-pleasure.”

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