The Gift (Jim Brickman With Martina Mcbride The Gift, The Gift Lyrics By Martina Mcbride

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Winter snow is falling downChildren laughing all aroundLights are turning onLike a fairy tale come trueSitting by the fire we madeYou”re the answer when I prayedI would find someoneAnd baby I found youChorus:All I want is to hold you foreverAll I need is you more every dayYou saved my heartFrom being broken apartYou gave your love awayAnd I”m thankful every dayFor the giftWatching as you softly sleepWhat I”d give if I could keepJust this momentIf only time stood stillBut the colors fade awayAnd the years will make us greyBut baby in my eyesYou”ll still be beautiful(piano solo)Chorus:All I want is to hold you foreverAll I need is you more every dayYou saved my heartFrom being broken apartYou gave your love awayI can”t find the words to sayThat I”m thankful everydayFor the gift
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