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Happy birthday! I am so grateful I am able to spend another year with you. From the moment I was born, there was a constant sense of comfort given to me by just your presence. For as long as I can remember, what comes to mind when thinking of you is the love and tenderness you’ve always had for me. I am not sure how to thank you for 19+ years of unconditional love and affection in few paragraphs, but I’ll give it a try.

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Thank you for all you do, not only for me, my siblings, and family, but also our community. You are selfless and caring; ultimately you are what I strive to be in my future. The selfless woman you are has been shown through each of your actions, especially seeing you fundraise each summer for the Junior Giants scholars. The days of seeing you work tirelessly for your community is not something that goes unnoticed and is appreciated by those around you.

Thank you for the hours upon hours of phone conversations when I’m back at school. Whether it’s just for me to call you to ask how to cook a home cooked recipe or to tell you about how my day is going, you answer and remain an active listener day or night.

Thank you for pushing me to pursue higher education while also being financially conscious about it. Although I did not understand the reasoning behind your notebook filled with scholarships I should apply to in high school, I am forever grateful for it to this day as I do not have to worry financially about getting my degree.

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Thank you for taking Luna in with open arms and loving her as much as you love all of us although it wasn’t your idea to get a dog. The excitement you get from going on 14-mile walks brings me joy (although not so much my feet).


Nancy AviñaThank you for loving me even through my rebellious phase in high school. You never deserved what I put you through and it saddens me thinking about it years later. We’ve come a very long way since then, haven’t we?

Thank you for your contagious laughter and cheesy jokes. You always know how to brighten everyone’s days and know how to make people feel loved through your home cooked meals and cheesy jokes.

Thank you for showing resilience through even the toughest of times. Without you, I could not have been able to handle all the hardships we have surpassed. Throughout my struggles, I have learned to stay strong under challenging circumstances and to find support when it gets difficult because of you. You have endured more troubles in your life that you never deserved but have only let them bend into strength.

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Mom, you are everything to me. Because you are my mom, my life has been so beautiful and I have always felt loved and appreciated. You’ve had a powerful impact on everyone around you and deserve everything. I owe everything to you mom. I hope reading this has allowed you to see how loved and appreciated you are by everyone. I wish there was a stronger phrase to express the amount of love I have towards you, but I love you so much, happy birthday.

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