What Is My 60Th Anniversary Fender 60Th Anniversary Stratocaster Mim Specs

What is my 60th anniversary fender stratocaster mim custom deluxe value like new?? Serial number mz6055234




Can you clarify, sir or ma”am?

Are you sure the model name is The 60th Anniversary Custom Deluxe?Because I can”t find that particular model anywhere.

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I see that the guitar was made in the Fender production plant in Ensenada, Mexico in 2006. And most of those guitars had a commemorative sticker on them that proudly displayed the 60th Anniversary of Fender guitars, but those weren”t necessarily a “60th Anniversary” model.

There was a MIM 60th Anniversary model produced, but it was a Standard Stratocaster in all regards, and had a white pick guard.

There is also a Custom Deluxe Stratocaster model, but that was made in the US, and it was produced a few years later.

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If I may offer, I do notice that your MIM Stratocaster has gold hardware, a rosewood fingerboard, 3 super fat-strat single-coil pickups, and a multi-ply brown tortoise-shell pick guard. By my calculations, that makes your guitar a model known as the Deluxe Super Strat.

Do any of the knobs click in and out with a pull and a push?That would confirm my suspicion.

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