Black Clover episode 161 title, synopsis, preview revealed, release set on Jan 26

The recent release of Black Clover episode 160 highly excited the anime and manga lovers. Now they are ardently waiting for the release of Black Clover episode 161. Read further to know what they can see in the imminent episode.

The anime and manga enthusiasts will be happy to know that Black Clover episode 161 has got the official title ‘Zenon’s Power’. The title has been announced we are on the verge of getting the episode.

Black Clover episode 161 titled ‘Zenon’s Power’ is slated to air on January 26. “Everlasting Shine” by Tomorrow X Together and ‘A Walk’ by Gakuto Kajiwara serve as the opening and ending credit theme songs respectively for the first three episodes.

Here is the synopsis of Black Clover episode 161 – The Golden Dawn is in danger, and Yuno rushes to help. However, their headquarters had been destroyed and many of their members were lying in a state of death. Yuno is furious at the situation.

Meanwhile Klaus and the other members of the group that are still able to fight continue their battle with the enemy, but they are helpless against enemies with such high magic power. Additionally, Zenon Zogratis, a wizard from Spade Kingdom and part of the ‘Dark Triad’ who possesses the power of a high level demon, appears in front of Yuno and the others, BlockToro reported.

The preview of Black Clover episode 161 shows that Yuno promises to defeat Zenon whether he has the power of the devil or not. Spade Warriors overwhelmed the members of the Golden Dawn and they were under a vicious attack by them, TV Season & Spoilers noted.

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Black Clover episode 161 is expected to be out on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the anime series.

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