AOA member Jimin’s mysterious Instagram story: Everything you need to know

Fans of girl group AOA were left stunned by a now-deleted mysterious story posted by one of its members Jimin right after a massive controversy where a former member of the group Mina had alleged that she suffered various traumas during her time as a part of the girl group, hinting that she was “bullied” by a fellow member. Mina made the claims in lengthy Instagram posts earlier on July 3.

Even though Mina didn’t blame any single individual from the AOA group, many fans have speculated that the allegations might be linked to Jimin. The issue has sparked heated discussions among fans from both sides and social media platforms are flooded with theories and counter-theories about Mina’s stint with AOA.

Shortly after the Mina-AOA controversy gained steam online, Jimin took to her Instagram and wrote “novel/fiction” in the Korean language. The story was deleted within a few minutes but was seen by many fans in the short while.

The Instagram story by AOA’s Jimin has further fueled the discussions about Mina’s bullying controversy and thousands of people have tweeted about it. Jimin’s label FNC Entertainment has yet to issue an official response to the issue.

In the allegations, Mina has claimed that she never really wanted to leave AOA but she did it because of one person who “hated” her and that she endured “bullying” for 10 years.

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