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A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens Body Biography Project Bundle for Print and Digital is filled with a unique characterization activity for the timeless and sentimental short story. Your students will find plenty of opportunities for creativity during the winter holidays. Teachers and students w




A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens final project for grades 7-12 This project requires students to think beyond the text and reflect on their past, present, and future. Students will create a physical representation of their Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Chri
This project is an excellent way to build prior knowledge before reading Charles' Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. There are 8 different topics for groups to choose from including the life of Charles Dickens, life in the Victorian Age, and Child Labor in the 1800's. The preview file is the rubric
A set of 16 projects for use with the study of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Students complete one or more projects related to material in and beyond the text. Allows students options to explore and create within their own interest and abilities. Includes Task Cards, Student Menu, and Cho
Christmas Activity for ELA. Students will create a Christmas card based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Directions with grading checklist rubric included on one sheet. Includes two card templates, one with decorative border and one without, and pictures to choose from to decorate their card
A Christmas Carol RAFT Writing Project contains a Common Core-ready writing project for the English/Language Arts classroom.This is a culminating project to end a unit of study on Charles Dickens’s famous novel.What is a RAFT, you might ask? RAFT is an acronym for a powerful writing strategy that
One of the most famous Christmas stories, rewritten and simplified, especially for ESL learners and young children. The material package includes more than 80 pages of worksheets, activities and the story itself.In this package you will find:a simplified version of “A Christmas Carol” on 4 pagesA Ch
Can you name that Christmas carol? In this worksheet, the first two measures of eight popular Christmas carols are written out in standard notation. Students must choose the correct song title to match each piece. This could be accomplished handing a melodic instrument to each student/group such
This product is made up of twelve task cards available for printing in both heavy color and light color options. For each level of Bloom's Taxonomy, there are two different choices for students to choose from to complete. Teachers can decide to have students complete one from each level or earn a ce
This novel study activity (part of my A Christmas Carol Novel Unit) is a cumulative book project that I assign after my honors and gifted students have read Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. It covers information in all five staves; students analyze plot, characterization, setting, conflic
This download contains the following two material. Individually purchased, these materials would cost $7.50!The 50 Point ProjectThis download contains a project over Dickens' A Christmas Carol. This is a great way to assess the kids understanding of the novel before the Christmas holidays. This p
Make your Christmas Carol Unit dynamic with this creative co-operative learning project. My “3-D Scene Analysis” allows the student to pick apart a scene from Dickens, isolate significant literary elements, and present them in an engaging way. The activity is standards based and it will lead the stu
Use this digital slides project that is densely packed with student work and responses to literature prompts to assess your students' abilities to understand and analyze popular holiday children's literature.I utilize this resource to compare and contrast A Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole C
A Christmas Carol project or final exam project can be used for middle school and basic/special education high school English classes. The project focuses on the theme of giving that is recurrent in the story. Students will:-research different charities to help develop their ideas-create a Powerpo
This is a great folder project with ten items to complete after reading, or during a study of A Christmas Carol. It will require students to use skill such as critical thinking, knowledge recall, paraphrasing, and artistic ability.

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This 7-page PDF packet allows students four choices of a project to complete after reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Students can: -Research and create a presentation about a topic related to A Christmas Carol, such as the conditions of prisons and workhouses in 1843 London-Create an ar
Upon reading the play, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, students will complete 3 projects from the menu board provided.

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This is an activity menu that gives students six different options for mini-projects to complete after reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.All of the options can be completed independently. The options include:- drawing personal Past, Present, and Future moments- finding a current news arti
This download contains a project over Dickens' A Christmas Carol. This is a great way to assess the kids understanding of the novel before the Christmas holidays. This project allows the students to select the projects they want to do! Fourteen projects have been offered to the the students. Each pr
This is a 14 option project menu for the novella. This could easily be changed or modified to fit your student's needs. Some of the options would make great essay response questions.
Use this activity for students after they read “A Christmas Carol” or watch a version of the play. Students will need to use various reading skills and strategies to complete the project.Rubric is part of the project details.

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Want to take your instruction of 'A Christmas Carol' up a notch? This product will see how much your students have learned about POV, Plot, theme, and so much more! I used this as a test, however, it can be broken down into individual parts based on what you want your students to do. This can be u

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