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Why the Market Rebellion Platform Over Others?  

Market Rebellion might offer some advantages for certain option traders, especially those still learning how to trade options. After you finish its introductory courses, you can then move on to Market Rebellion’s more sophisticated options trading programs. 

Market Rebellion also has some interesting financial news feeds and market analysis, in addition to offering unique tools like its Unusual Option Activity service.  You can also get expert personal mentoring and take advantage of services tailored to your particular needs and interests. 

Another potentially useful thing about Market Rebellion consists of the trade ideas regularly offered to subscribers. Options trade ideas suggested by the firm range from simply buying options to complex spread and combination strategies involving several options. The company, however, does not publish the performance track record of its trade ideas. 

Platform Quick Summary 

Feature What Market Rebellion Offers
Tradable assets Stocks, options, cryptocurrencies
Platform Web-based plus mobile app
Educational resources Yes
Personal coaching Yes
Newsletters and webinars Included with TNT Options & Time Bandits subscriptions
Trade ideas Yes with subscriptions

The prices for Market Rebellion’s paid services seem unusually high, so it will definitely not suit everyone. Still, some committed options, stock and crypto traders might find subscribing to the firm’s paid services worthwhile, especially if they cannot just simply educate themselves from books and wish to access options-related market analysis, trader forums and trading ideas. The costs of getting access to some of Market Rebellion’s newsletters, webinars and coaching services appear in the table below. 

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Service Cost
TNT Option newsletter and webinars $495/yr
Time Bandits newsletter and webinars $495/yr
Enhanced Pro versions of those services $1,995/yr
Unusual Option Activity service $4,995/yr
1-on-1 Trader Coaching $300/hr with discounts over 10 hours
Market Rebels Crypto service $295/yr or $29.95/mo

Market Rebellion’s website is quite easy to navigate and use, although if you do not have a subscription, it seems mainly full of marketing. You can still subscribe to some newsletters and view descriptions of its services, outlines of educational course offerings and market news. Those interested in Market Rebellion’s Unusual Option Activity service will need to subscribe to get access to it, and the same goes for its premium Phoenix or Cash Flow Portfolio services. 

Screenshot of Market Rebellion’s Home page.

Market Rebellion also carefully screens potential clients, so expect to spend some time filling out a questionnaire before being quoted a price or accepted as a subscriber. This helps the firm ensure that subscribers have sufficient financial means to participate in trading options, as well as the necessary educational background to understand the various risks involved.

Once you sign up and pay the required subscription fees, you’ll gain access to the associated subscriber services and corresponding portions of the Market Rebellion website. You can also expect to be briefed on how to use the firm’s educational and analysis platform to your best advantage. 


Market Rebellion’s Education page links to bare outlines of educational courses on rather basic topics like options, technical analysis and stock market mechanics. Unfortunately, you will need to call an agent or fill out a form to learn more about Market Rebellion’s educational services, and actually accessing any of this information probably requires a paid subscription. 

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The Market Rebellion team offers 1-on-1 professional coaching for novice and intermediate traders. For more information on the company’s professional coaching services and how much they cost, you can visit its website and request an interview with an agent.  

Market Rebellion’s customer service staff responds to inquiries promptly, although they seemed reluctant to discuss pricing. The platform’s Support Center page can also help answer questions you might have about its services and provides useful video tutorials. In addition to phone, email and web support, the company has an online message chat feature that was not live when tested, but it does let you leave a quick message for an agent while on its website.

Market Rebellion’s homepage has options related and cryptocurrency news, and its founders regularly release their own news, trades and trade ideas. Market Rebellion does not provide a trading platform for stocks, futures or options, although it does offer a Voyager-powered cryptocurrency trading app. You will therefore need to open an account at a qualified broker to execute stock, futures and options transactions. A summary of various newsletters, subscription services, featured webpages and tools offered by Market Rebellion appears below. 

TNT Options and Options Pro Newsletters

The regular TNT Options newsletter provides weekly trade ideas, an interactive Tuesday webinar, as well as access to archived webinars and newsletters. You also get member forum access where you can communicate with other traders, as well as weekly trade alerts and options-related news. The Pro newsletter version aimed at intermediate to advanced traders additionally provides over 10 trade ideas per week and biweekly interactive webinars each Monday and Thursday.

Time Bandit Options and Options Pro Newsletters

Designed for traders at all skill levels, the regular Time Bandit Options newsletter aims to educate traders on how to identify high option premium levels and receive premium using the Iron Condor strategy. It provides a weekly trade idea, a webinar each Wednesday and member forum access.  The Pro version also gives traders 2 to 4 trade ideas and email updates each week. Market Rebellion’s website also provides the free and quite active options news feed blog shown below. 

Market Rebels Crypto

Market Rebellion’s options news feed web page.

Options and Equity Oracle

These directional trading services are designed for novice to intermediate options and stock traders who get expert technical analysis guidance from Chartered Market Technician AJ Monte. He also maintains a portfolio of medium-term options or equity trades you can duplicate and suggests a fresh trade idea each week using a 7-point technical checklist. You also get access to a member forum and weekly Q&A session by paying for these services. 

Phoenix Portfolio Service

Phoenix is a portfolio management service for members wanting to create a custom hedge fund portfolio that uses out-of-the-money puts to protect the bullish portfolio in case of a market crash. The paid service includes a weekly live webinar on Wednesdays and access to the member’s forum.

Cash Flow Portfolio Service

You can pay for this service to follow Market Rebellion’s stock picks to construct a long-term investment stock portfolio. Stock picks focus on those with high quality and yield considered suitable for most investors. 

Market Rebels Crypto

You can use the company’s proprietary mobile or desktop software to chart and follow crypto assets, as well as obtain analyst trade ideas, attend 2-member webinars per week and chat with other traders on its forums. You can also execute cryptocurrency trades using Market Rebellion’s desktop and mobile platforms shown below.

Market Rebellion’s cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Market Rebellion’s cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Unusual Option Activity and Pro Service

This expensive service lets you follow the Market Rebellion team throughout the day as it interprets unusual options activity using the firm’s proprietary HeatSeeker algorithm. You will need to have or develop some experience interpreting option trades as bullish or bearish for a stock to get the most out of this service. More experienced traders can subscribe to the Pro service at an additional cost, which offers 5-10 additional trade ideas and biweekly webinars. 

The Unusual Option Activity service also lets you search for unusual options activity using ticker symbol, option type, industrial sector and time period. Subscribing also gives you access to additional research resources on Market Rebellion’s website like Technicals, Market Notes, Tools and Najarian Trades, as well as the TNT Options subscriber service. You can also get additional educational and help information. The key subscriber pages are described in further detail below. 

You use this page to search for unusual options trades in selected stocks and to review such options trades as they occur. The page also has a live chat feature you can use to communicate with other traders and comment on trades.

This page provides in-depth technical analysis and daily insights into the price action of major U.S. stock indices. These include the S&P 500 (SPX), the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ). 

This page displays general market information, including pre-market movers, a snapshot of the early and international market results, plus key commodities and forex market information. You can also review stock earnings reports, analyst research, stock ratings and pivot points for major stock indices.

This page has useful trading tools that include a charting function, an economic calendar, a market overview and TradingView’s forex screener.

This page shows the trades and outstanding positions of Market Rebellion’s founders Jon and Pete Najarian. You can see what stocks and options they are long or short, although the amount and options series are not displayed.

Since the company’s service platform is web-based, you can access that via your mobile device’s browser. You can also use its MarketRebels mobile app to follow and chart crypto assets, as well as its comparable desktop software. 

In addition, you can get crypto trade ideas from Market Rebellion’s analysts, participate in biweekly member webinars and chat with the trader community on its forums. You can even place cryptocurrency trades on its platform powered by Voyager.

Today’s trading world requires top-quality analysis, information and education to have the best chances of success. Market Rebellion provides an interesting set of educational and analysis resources for those involved in trading options, stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

Market Rebellion’s mentoring experts also provide 1-on-1 professional coaching services for beginning and intermediate traders, while advanced and professional traders might appreciate the platform’s more sophisticated tools aimed at their needs.

If you can afford the hefty subscription price tags for its various heavily-hyped services, Market Rebellion could make analyzing the markets easier and give you the edge you need to remain profitable as a stock, options or digital currency trader. The firm, however, fails to publish the track records of its trade ideas, perhaps suggesting that they might not be very good when tested by the market. 

As a viable alternative, you might save some money by educating yourself about how to trade stocks and options from reading books and paper trading. You can then probably hire a more reasonably priced trading mentor on an hourly basis to give you guidance as you begin or continue to trade in a live account. The choice remains yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Market Rebellion?


What is Market Rebellion?


Luke Jacobi


Market Rebellion provides investors and traders with ideas, tools, insights, educational resources and coaching on a web platform.

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What are the costs for Market Rebellion?


What are the costs for Market Rebellion?


Luke Jacobi


The TNT Options newsletter and webinars cost $495 annually, the Time Bandits newsletter and webinars cost $495 yearly, the Enhanced Pro version costs $1,195 annually, the Unusual Options Activity costs $4,995 yearly and the Market Rebels Crypto service costs $295 per year.

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